Swanson Industries Australia’s manufacturing capabilities include custom hydraulic cylinder design, custom hydraulic cylinder specification, mining equipment manufacturing and general machining.

We have manufactured Shuttle Cars, Feeder Breakers and monorail systems, all designed and engineered for the specific conditions and requirements of the Australian industry, and beyond.

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Our Manufacturing Capabilities


Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Design

We have extensive experience and expertise in hydraulic cylinder engineering and precision part manufacturing for OEMs in the underground mining, surface mining and mobile markets.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Specification

The machining and welding capabilities we have developed to support our production lines means high quality components that meet and exceed operating specifications.

Mining Equipment Manufacturing

Swanson Industries Australia provides design and manufacturing services along with machining capabilities for timely and efficient service and support to New South Wales and Queensland mining clients.

General Machining

Our experts are involved in all aspects of general machining – whether that be design, production, delivery or continued customer satisfaction checks.
at be design, production, delivery or continued customer satisfaction checks.